Ultrajet 1601/2 D X 5 Eco Solvent Printer
Model Ultrajet 1601 D X 5 Ultrajet 1602 D X 5
Number of Printhead 1 2
Number of Head Nozzle    
Maximum Media Width 1600 mm 1600 mm
Maximum Print Width 1600 mm 1600 mm
Draft 2 Pass 200 sqm/hrz 400 sqm/hr
Standard 3 Pass 150 sqm/hr 300 sqm/hr
Quality 4 Pass 120 sqm/hr 240 sqm/hr
Color 4 Color CMYK  4 Color CMYK
Capacity 0.75 L Per main tank of each color
Type Paper, Advertising Banner, PVC, Mesh, Vinyl, Window Film,One way vision Flex & Canvas
Ink Supply System Possitive ink supply system with cleaning function.ink tank capacity 1500ml/hour
Pre Heating and drying System Equipped
Linear Rail Original Industrial non noise linear rail
Print Interface US B 2.0
Ink Type Eco-Solvent Ink
Software Photo Print/Maintop/Ultra Print
Print Head Height Above Media Adjustable
Rip Software Maintop , Photo Print
Voltage 200V>10A,Single Phase 1500 W
Working Environment Temperature: 20°C - 28°C, Humidity: 40% - 60%
Package Dimension L2510*W860*H1280mm*260Kgs
Machine Dimension L2570*W740*H700mm*350Kgs